That was a close one!!

31 07 2012

For those of you who are looking for a cloud option, do not use JustCloud or ZipCloud. JustCloud had plenty of negative reviews about hidden fees for their services and it seems that the company basically added another name to their company. All the FAQ videos are the same, only the logos have been switched out to the new names. The person who I was speaking with was Barry James, whom was helping me with ZipCloud options and details. He emailed me helpful answers to my questions but he accidentally sent a link to an instructional video from JustCloud and quickly followed with the same email with the corrected link address. And I saw that in the link, all he did was change the address from JustCloud to ZipCloud. I viewed both videos and it was exactly the same except the logo was different on the application. I am sorry to say I will not be using ZipCloud OR JustCloud. Thanks Barry James . . . for exposing the truth.


My Ideology

24 07 2012

I feel that clients that already have in mind what they want but they need someone to do the work would be someone I will love to work with. I like my clients to feel like they’re the boss and I am here to lend a helping hand! But if we don’t get the right look within three revisions, I’m afraid it just might not work out.