Browser Preference

20 09 2012

So apparently Internet Explorer is having a security issue. You can read all about it here:,2817,2409910,00.asp

But anyways, due to the IE scare, I got to wondering what kind of browser people like. A lot of people use IE because that is the standard and that is what comes with the computer/laptop and they don’t explore what is out there and what is a good browser.

I was able to test out 3 browsers. IE, Mozilla FireFox, and Google Chrome. IE, in my opinion, is very slow. I think it is a good browser but for running some things, it just goes super slow and just isn’t efficient. Mozilla FireFox, I have tried before and I did like it a lot at one point that I actually preferred it over IE. I don’t know. I feel that FireFox just wasn’t safe and there were a bunch of compatibility issues. Then, I found Google Chrome. At first, I looked at it and was confused. What do you do with it? How do you use it? Where is everything? I was afraid to explore it and stuck with FireFox for a bit. But then I started using Google stuff a lot and said well, why not. So I installed Google Chrome, and now I love it. It is clean and simple. Everything runs fast. And since it is FROM Google, I think Google likes that browser, and is definitely compatible with the Google Apps. So there you go. Google Chrome wins, at least in my books.

What do you think??