QR Codes

19 12 2012

I don’t understand the purpose of QR codes. Are they really that essential? Is it really as big as it seems? I see it in ketchup bottles and other products that we buy. I also see it in a lot of advertisement. But what purpose does it serve? I know you scan the QR code and it goes on your phone and it opens up either a coupon or it bookmarks their website on your list. But besides that, I don’t find the big hype about it. I know a lot of people who either don’t know what that is entirely, don’t know what it does, know what it does but doesn’t have the scanner on their smart phones, or have the scanners and scanned the QR codes but they don’t see a real necessity for it. So let me know what you guys think. Are QR codes a big thing right now? Or was it an idea that didn’t pull through?


Learning Process

12 12 2012

I have tried to learn a few scripts and languages in the times that I am a graphic designer. I feel that I learn by doing it. I have been exposed to HTML, CSS, Javascript, Action Script, asp.net, PHP, My SQL… not all of those I know fully and well, only a couple. But I know the feeling of trying to learn it and trying to retain the information in my head. I have come to realize that if I keep using the code, I can continue to excel in it. If I don’t use it or look at it for awhile, it escapes me. It really is a complicated language, each and every one of those that I just listed. I am currently trying to learn some of the code deeper in it’s nature and discovered that there are different ways of learning it as well. So I have electronic tutorials and electronic books that I am using, and I have come to the conclusion that I don’t like learning online. I like to hold my reading material and be able to make notes on it and reference it at a later time. So I purchased some printed material that I can use to learn more scripting languages and further my ability as a designer, especially in this day and age where technology moves so fast. I still have much to learn and I will continue my journey into the online industry as far as I feel I am capable of going.